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WELCOME TO Train Safe®

New for 2016 a Train Safe barrel block that is spring loaded to be used with the security holsters with the peg that goes in to the barrel. Click here to purchase our Firearm Blocks No. 13 & No. 14. Indicate what firearm you wish it to fit.

Train Safe® is a firearm block to make an officer's duty weapon safe to use during firearms training and to render a firearm unusable when stored or on display. Invented by firearms instructor, John Carlin, of Lanesboro, Minn., Train Safe® is a must for all firearms education programs.

Train Safe® firearm block makes it impossible to fire a live round without stripping the weapon and removing the block.

Train Safe® signals visually that the firearm is disabled, giving confidence to instructors and trainees.

Use this website to explore Train Safe®. Models are available to fit most handguns, rifles and shotguns currently in use.

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